Medium Risk Investing

Balancing potential loss and gain with reasonable FIFA market bets (3 methods)

1. Marquee Matchups

Like many investments, the sooner you beat the hype to these the better. Buying players for a potential Arsenal vs. Tottenham matchup two days before MM are released might yield you coins, but many people might have already invested in it by then. Buy early in order to grab those players before other people catch on.

Marquee matchups are a great method for the beginning of the year as there are not nearly as many cards on the market, and each time a person does an SBC that card vanishes. Low supply and high demand can mean some serious profit.

Marquee Matchups are released weekly at 6PM UK time.

Silver Quality Weekend League Requirements2. Weekend League Requirements

This is a great strategy for the early months of FIFA as there are few cards on the market (biggest reason) and there are few people in division 1 auto qualifying for WL. Therefore, they must qualify through the DKT.

Concept is simple : keep an eye out for the upcoming Knockout Tournament and WL requirements (they come out 10 days before) and buy players that fit those requirements. When trying to find players, remember that pace is highly sought after.


3. Week by Week (buy Monday, sell Friday)

By no means a flashy strategy, but effective. Often times, people buy their squads for Weekend League on Thursday or Friday and sell them when they are finished. For this reason, demand is lower on Sundays and higher on Thursday/Fridays.

My recommendation would be to buy investments for the week on Monday at 1AM UK time following Squad Battle Rewards. With so many people opening packs all at once, there are good opportunities to get players for good deals at this time. Then, sell on Friday or whenever their prices rise to a point that you are happy with the profit.