Low Risk Investing

Making FIFA coins in small amounts on a daily basis (5 methods)


1. Play, Play, Play

An effective strategy to gain coins from the start of FIFA 18 is simple : play the game. Take advantage of the many coin boosts to build your coin base. Learn the mechanics of the new game and become a better player. Get as far up the division rivals ladder as possible earn better rewards. You can’t invest without a solid base of coins, and this is the best way to get your start.

2. Bronze Pack Method

The newly popular companion and web apps allow FIFA players to participate away from the console. They can make squad changes, buy and sell players, and even open packs. As a result, BPM became a widely used trading technique in FIFA 18. People with downtime could feed their pack addiction while making coins any time, anywhere. It will be interesting to see if this method still works in FIFA 19.

A good guide for how to do the Bronze Pack Method can be found here. Note that a full transfer list is essential in order to maximize your profits.

3. BID and BIN 

Find a good market filter in which players are being won on bid for a good amount less than their lowest BIN. In FIFA 18, I made most of my gains at the beginning of the year on silver midfielders from England (see this article for the specifics).

Players can be won by either bidding of sniping. Similar to BPM, a full transfer list is helpful to increase your profits while practicing this method.

4. Players for Discard

Each player has a given quick sell value. For example, an 81 rated inform can be discarded for 9,882 coins (see here for a full list of quick sell values by version/rating). If I buy the card for 10,000 coins, I am only sacrificing a loss of 118 coins.

Investing in players for discard minimizes your risk to investment, and they can deem extremely profitable in the event that EA requires your card for some SBC.

5. League SBCs

Throughout the year, EA releases league SBCs that require submitting a full team from each squad in a league. The reward for completing all clubs is an upgraded, untradable special player, such as Hamsik from Calcio A or Giovinco from MLS.
These can be extremely profitable if you get ahead of the curve and buy low supply, high demand players before the SBCs are released. For example, there are very Crotone defenders in FIFA ’18. A few weeks after the release of the Calcio A SBC, many of their prices doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled in price.
Steps to Investing in League SBCs
1. Choose one of the top 5 leagues (Bundes, Calcio, La Liga, Premier, or Ligue 1) that has yet to have a League SBC.
2. Look into club rosters to find where there are limited options available at a specific position (e.g. only 1 LB, only 7 total defenders, minimal gold cards for defenders, etc.).
3. Buy silver/gold players that fit the above criteria and remain undervalued