Q & A Tuesday – Week 17

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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  • Hi, what is your prediction for if Kums 84? I have 50 of him, bought for 15,500. Good or bad invenstment?

  • Have over 200 aliss on left.. you think it will rise if given the salah potm sbc to like 13k or 15 k ?

    And if salah is in the voting for potm will aliss on get a BooSt ?

  • Hi Chief, I bought tons of Perrins for 15k.
    If I sell him now I am not gaining nor losing.
    Would you sell? He seems like a very slow investment given the fact he’s not needed for Salah nor Werner.
    I know you usually say “till you see a better investment” – do you see better investments at the moment?

  • Fully invested chief, but left some coins for a team, I’m a man united fan so I wanna try prime ruud van nistelrooy, he’s went from 1.2 mil to below 900k think I could purchase him now for the weekend league and not take a big loss?

  • Hi Chief, do you expect the market to drop slightly again with the release of the rest of the TOTY?

  • Hi Chief! I bought a lot of smalling for 800-900, some bailly for 1500 ish and some lacazette for 3500, do you think this is a good investment? or do you think they will not rise in price?

  • test do you need to answer for the comment to appear? if yes dont answer this, if no delete this

  • I bought 2x Varane as Investment for the TOTY because he won’t be in packs. When should I sell them or when will the price be at his highest point? (Playing on PC but I think it shouldn’t be different right?!)
    When should I sell the Sorrentino IF’s ? (bought 4 for around 12k)

  • Hey 🙂

    3kk to invest … in which Icon you would do? Or maybe some Baby/Teenie Icons …

    Thank you.

  • I have a team I did last week. Do I sell it now and buy Ozil or do I expect to sell the team when the market goes up?

  • What do you think about trading on PC?
    It seems like the market is a bit more expensive…
    Keep up!

  • Hi Chief,

    What do you think about players who go up and down every week, as Lucas, goretzka, tolisso, gundogan, martial; cuadrado. Do you think they are descend to invest or better to look for 83’s.


  • Looking to sell my KDB to invest in other ideas for fridays potm, when is best time to sell ? Bought him for 260k initially

  • Chief, the best time to rebuy team is after all toty ends?

  • Pablo > No your time is now to buy team as many players crashed. Or wait until weekend i think prices will go lower as will have all TOTY in packs and also if we get a good TOTW people will go more crazy on packs and lightening rounds. Depends on your budget how many coins have you got? I hope you did not sell team right now?

  • Hey Chief, Digne is under 1k right now, should I take the loss and move on? It looks like he was a poor investment. I have about 100 k and I’m going to lose ± 5k, how bad is it?

  • Chief yesterday I saw mbappe go as low as 3.5m during lightening rounds, I saw messi at 4.8m during lightening rounds, mbappe settled at 4m yesterday, messi at over 5m. They’ve both gone up more today, the whole team will be in packs on friday, would friday lightening round be the best time to buy TOTY cards in your opinion? or do you think they’ll go lower before going out of packs. I plan on buying TOTY players within the next week so I wanna know the best time to pull trigger. Thank you. (BTW im not looking to flip, I just want them for my team)

  • Hey Chief, I want to buy Mahrez’s 87 IF and Van Dijk’s 87 IF but theie prices are on the rise for some reason, when do you think they’ll dip ??
    Also, if I want to buy Mahrez’s OTW card, when do you think is the best time ??
    Thanks in advance

  • Hey Chief, I bought some 84 rated informs like Foster and Götze for max. 18k, do you think I should sell them now or wait for a possible TOTW SBC upgrade?

  • Will Digne investment rise? Cause only went lower atm?

  • Hey Chief,

    Only had about 200k to work with, but took your advice and loaded up on a bunch of 83s for 1k or under, a few Ozil, and some IF:

    -Sorrentino IF (4)
    -Ozil (4)
    -Adan (10)
    -Banega (9)
    -Kagawa (10)
    -Luiz Gustavo (9)
    -Balotelli (11)
    -Baumann (8)
    -Strootman (5)
    -Danilo Periera (6)
    -Pickford (9)
    -Kepa (22)
    -Bruno Fernandes (14)
    -Malcom (9)
    -Willian Jose (7)
    -Keita (4)

    And I am logging on this evening to grab another 70+ 83’s with what I have left for coins…. Two questions… A.) Am I doing the right thing in order to turn some kind of profit? … And B.) When do you think the 83s will “re-gain” their value? After TOTY??

    As always, thanks so much!!!

  • Hey chief, I’m thinking of investing in Van dijks because he’s low at ~135k (PS4), good idea? Also seeing the comments here the amount of ppl investing in Ozil I fear the ROI will not be high. Also they released the upgrade packs does that change your best picks? Lastly, thinking of getting any TOTY in your team?

  • Hi chief,

    Why do you think that buying back a team now is the better option than wait for friday after the full release.

    Will weekend league effect that much?
    What would you say the odds are to not buy now but later.

    • Last year, the market was at it’s low the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday of TOTY. I expect the same this year – a market rebound going into this weekend.

  • Hey chief, just packed 93 if hazard should I sell and invest elsewhere, or do you think he may rise once out of packs?

  • i have kante, de brune, aguero should i sell them?
    I also have invested in a ucl douglas costa do you think this will go up?

  • Hey Chief, i got 50 ricardo pereira if for >=32k. Do you think he is a good investment and how much will he rise?

  • Hey Chief, can you please tell me about anything anything to snipe and flip

  • Hey Chief,
    When is the best time to buy 84’s? Today or tommorrow after the rewards?
    I’m trying Asenjo and William Carvalho bellow 2,4k.

  • Hi chief, what do you think about a fabinho investment??

  • When do you think Van Dijk gold card will be at his lowest to buy for my team??

  • Would you reccomend selling players now to gain coins to invest in POTMs? I have players like VVD Salah and Aguero, but only 10k coins. I could sell these players for lower than I originally bought in hopes to gain more from investment. What do you think?

  • yo futchief! First of all thanks for all your support, its amazing. I just have one question. I was lucky enough to finally pack something (never really packed anything good until this FIFA). Just opened one pack yesterday and got TOTY Kevin De Bruyne. My question is when should I sell him, when is he the highest? Is his price going to rise a lot if he is not in packs anymore after friday?

  • Do we already know, when the premier league potm will appear in fut?

  • Thanks for the quick response. 🙂 This is what I thought. What do you think will his price be before he comes back into packs?

  • Hey chief, I bought a Marcelo for 95k to get me through last weekend league. His price has gone up ever so slightly due to being out of packs. My question is, do you think he will rise more during the next 16-17 hours or drop . ATM his bin is 97.5k.

  • Hey Chief, I’ve only been reading your forums for a week or so since I just started caring about trading, and your tips have helped TONS. I’d like your opinion on a few investments I’ve made.

    1. Bought 55 IF Sorrentino @ 12k Xbox and looking to maximize profit. When do you think this card will reach max price? Or will his price continue to rise through the year since he is 83 IF and recently out of packs?

    2. Bought 42 NIF Rui Patricio @ 900 specifically for TOTW upgrade sbc. When do you believe next one will be? It was *supposed* to be yesterday per last year’s schedule. Was this replaced with the David Silva SBC?

    3. Looking to invest in Ozil per your “top buys”, what price do you think he will recover to and when?

    Thanks again, your advice has made me appreciate FIFA again.

    • 1. Sorrentino will likely rise gradually with time.
      2. I’m not sure about when they will release a TOTW upgrade SBC.
      3. Özil is inflated due to Silva SBC. I would not buy anymore.

  • Also, do you have any predictions when PL POTM will be live? I’m guessing Friday but it’s never been consistent.

  • DO you see any sense of gathering money to the end of the season if now you can buy TOTY: RONALDO, DE BRUYNE, KANTE, VAN DIJK, RAMOS, MARCELO, DE GEA, and PRIME ICONS: ZANETTI, GULLIT, VIEIRA, RONALDO. That’s all for ~36 Millions. If i were you, i would get few millions more for TOTY: VARANE, MBAPPE and MODRIC, (10mls for all) and that’s it.

  • I want to buy Prime Henry…do you think his or any icons price will drop from now on? Since TOTY players are on the market and more IF players to come?

    • hi chief what do u expect IF sorrentino to rise to i brought 4 or 5 of them

      thanks alot

    • The market will continue to decrease with time.

      • So should i sell my team as soon as possible…henry is goin for 2.8ish and bergkamp for 1.1ish…worth of my team is around 3.3m gross…i have 200k and about 250k on transferlist..i just want to buy those two and im good lol.
        Im thinking of playing this WL so i can get some rewards before i sell next week..

  • Hey Chief, would you say that today and the past few days are the lowest price that 83-85 rated NIFs will be? I’m thinking about buying some Davinson Sanchez NIF @ 7,500, which is the lowest he has ever been, and just want to make sure there is an almost certain chance his price will increase within the next week.

  • Hi, Chief. Do you think SBC TOTW will come out this week as rumored by some sources? Thank you.

  • Hi, Chief. Will 83-rated players’ price increase when SBC POTM comes out? Thank you.

  • Hi, I packed a Sergio Ramos a couple of days ago and he was selling for around 250k on PS4, today he is at 300k … Is he likely to rise more or should I sell now. Thanks

  • Hey chief, I wanna buy an icon St for 615 k (PS4), should I?

  • Is now the time to open all your saved packs or should I wait. Can’t verify whether the full TOTY is available in packs?

  • Hello chief.
    I was thinking about buying a monthly subscription. Can you honestly tell me whether your methods work on pc as good as on console?

  • Hi Chief!
    I have a bit of a dillema now with VVD POTM. I already have his SIF version (pack luck) and I’m undecided whether is it worth doing his POTM SBC. I see he is 320k on the market and the SBC costs 520k with the packs offseting the difference and with a chance of packing some good players. Also, I have quite a few players already so will no be doing it from scratch. He will stay in my team long term as I have an EPL team. Any thoughts?

    • I’m in the same boat, decided against the potm sbc since I’m hopeful that he’ll get a winter upgrade anyway. He’s more than enough at an 87/88 ovr IMO. Better to upgrade other parts of the squad

  • Hey chief, bought toty Marcelo for just over a million. Do you think he’ll rise slightly after he is out of packs. Can’t find any graphs for last year’s toty Marcelo to compare

  • Hi Cheif,
    Is lukas hradecky 84 rated good investment for POTM bundesliga?? He is now going for 2.2k.And looks like cheapest 84 rated bundes player.

  • i bought van dijk’s ucl card during the panic after his potm dropped. got him for 480k. now he’s 530k. do i sell him and do the sbc instead, or do you think it’s more worth it to keep him? if they surpass bayern in CL he’ll get +2 and his winter upgrade will add another +2, so he could be a 91 minimum. however, his POTM should be guaranteed a 91, but it’s not tradeable. pros and cons… what would you do?

  • Hi Chief
    I have lots of packs that I haven’t open and not able to open because of unassigned pile of 83s. Don’t know if I will pack team of the year. Should I sell all my 83s to open the pack hoping I pack team of the year? How long team of the year is in packs

  • best way to make coins with 14k? Thanks in advance

  • Hi Chief thanks for your great trading tips and i am thinking paying for your service in near future. I have a question i was so lucky and packed Mbappe TOTY 97 friday night from sbc and reward packs.

    Am i correct i should hold him for few weeks? Pro traders has informed some of these TOTY will fly up in price.

    He was around 3.5 millions when i packed him and can see price is going up rapid he is now just over 4 million coins on Xbox 🙂

  • Chief, do you have a team? Or you just trading?

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