Preparing for Team of the Year

Yesterday, EA announced the Team of the Year nominees. Here is what we can expect over the course of the next couple weeks during the promotion.

Before Team of the Year

As I’ve said many times before, promotions mean packs, packs mean supply, and supply means prices decrease.

Here are the release dates from last year’s TOTY:

And here is how the market responded:

This year, EA will announce the winners of the TOTY voting on Monday, January 7th. Like last year, I anticipate them to release attackers the first day, followed by midfielders on Tuesday, and defenders on Wednesday. Then, the full team will be released on Friday.

My suggestion? Sell your teams this weekend (Friday/Saturday) before the TOTY release on Monday. 

Do I think there will be a massive drop? No. But I think it will be substantial enough to deem selling your squad this weekend worth it, particularly for cards that are in packs.

During Team of the Year

What you can also notice from last year’s calendar is a tradeable TOTW SBC that came out on Tuesday, January 16th:

There are two things that I think are worthwhile purchases in preparation for this:

  1. The cheapest 83s (1k or less)
  2. Inform Fabio Quagliarella (14k or less)**
  3. Inform Stefano Sorrentino (14k or less)**

** Don’t be in a hurry to buy these players. There will be continued supply over the next several days, not to mention A LOT of supply if TOTY attackers are released on Monday.




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