Q & A Tuesday – Week 14

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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  • I’m sitting on about 600k right now, how much do you think I should invest on touré and tarnowski?

  • Bought IF Kante at 710k because wanted to try him out and thought I had sniped one. Want to offload him now, will he go higher or only go down with packs being opened as the week progresses?

  • What price are we looking to sell Toure/Tarkowski at? Do you think they’ll reach 25k?

  • Chief why are u dodging people asking you about Inform Jordan Torunarigha you told them to invest in him and when it turned out to be a loss u started avoiding people questions who invested in him.

    • Thats how investing works. You cannot be right all the time. Actually you should either get more win investments than lose investments or make more coins per investment.

      It would be good if he d speak clearly about those bad investments but i understand why he doesnt. With all the people out here thinking he has to be right with every call its difficult to speak about the bad things.

      Every TotW i have my personal Opinion and look up what FUtChief thinks, most of the times they are quiet the same.

      And if you think about it, Torunarigha was propablly his most expected call. German / bundesliga 1 / cb – right before the PoTM. Like this it could have made a unbelieveable profit BUT EA fucked everyone with this dumbshit Reus SBC. So they killed all investors not just you and me.

      Be happy with the information you get here and always try to reflect it to your own opinion. Afterwards you can decide what to buy and what you shouldnt buy.


    • He rose leading up to the Bundesliga POTM and then dropped when he wasn’t required. In hindsight, he was a player we should have sold in the hype. However, based on how German informs (Howedes, Hector, etc.) rose this year I still stand by my decision to promote him as an investment. Yes, he is a loss, but should only by a small loss.

  • Do you think it’s worth picking up a Hazard in form in preparation for the ratings refresh?

  • I just want to say what an awsome logo you have now, +rep to the designer.

    What do you think about making it possible to make an account on this site? a free account with no benefits except from the benefits that already exist and you are able to subscribe like you can now?

  • Yo chief
    I’ll have a good amount of packs in the following days due to SBCs

    It is worth holding them until TOTY (likely a month) ? considering i will not open them this week (the TOTW suck too much) and next week will probably be the same

    Or will it be in any case better to open now and sell what goes out from thoses

    • I like to open packs right away. If you know how to trade/invest, it is best to have as many coins as your disposal immediately rather than hoping for a moonshot at packing a TOTY player.

  • I invested a lot in Torunarigha. Do we need to wait or sell please Chief?

  • Chief,

    What about golden boy Matthijs de Ligt? You think there will be an SBC?

  • Chief i´ve been thinking about buying baby Seedorf, but the icons seens to be cheaper, do you think that they will drop more?(Even thought its hes baby card, Seedorf is pretty usable)

  • Could you please give me your opinion on Mata IF for under 30k? Seemed low-risk at the time (bought 5) but I’m not sure.

    Thanks Chief

  • Do you think if they bring a tradeable totw pack out that all informs will rise a bit?

  • I have an 88 Champions League Pique, should I wait until later to sell, or should I sell now expecting his price to drop?

  • I packed varane. I was looking to have him. But should I sell him and buy him later?

  • Hey Chief!
    I have De bruyne, Kante, Chieline IF, Szczesny IF and Aguero in my active squad. Should I sell them because his prices will go down or I can waiting until 27/12( I will traveling for 15 days and I will sell all my players) to sell? My fear dont sell them now and lose so much coins until 27/12.

  • Will anything happen to the market on Christmas Day ?

  • I have some tarkowskis, Do you think I should sell now and re invest or hold on longer, Can you see him rising more than 20 k ?

  • Hi chief, my current team now is
    CL hugo lloris (gk)
    Ucl live aurier (rb)
    Ucl live davinson sanchez (cb)
    Prime roberto carlos (lb)
    Gold card kante (cdm)
    IF leroy sane (lm)
    Gold card de bruyne (cam)
    Ucl live sterling (rm)
    Prime rivaldo (st)
    Prime lineker(st)
    How do i improve it with a budget of abt 500k?