• Strange, I thought my Skrtel would be a good shout. Sold 5 @ 1k but the rest the price is discard on the market. Maybe the downed servers hasn’t helped?

  • Managed to guess 3 out of 4. Luckily I went nuts on fener full backs before and made a ton. Have to say since starting reading this page a few weeks ago my investing knowledge has improved a lot. However, there is so much down to luck in this game. Spent hours this week reading up, investing, selling etc. and made a good bit of cash. Then did a random gold upgrade and packed 92 Suarez in a two rare player pack. Untradeable but I’ll take it! Now to carry on trading to build a mega team. Keep the advice coming mate.

  • Hi Chief! Currently sitting at 900LlK liquid but wish to get up to 2.5M by Black Friday in order to purchase CR7 and still have a few coins to trade with. Any tips?

  • Think we will get a la liga player of the month today with the Reus sbc ending? If so any good investments for this?

  • Hi chief

    Quick question. You know when u out ur top buys on the page any chance u can give a reason for them please as i dont understand how any of the 3 atm are good investing tips not meaning to sound rude i mean u clearly have good knowledge and may just put me in my place with a reason lol but foster surely cant be a good buy

    Cheers chief
    Keep up the good work

  • What price should I look to buy Hilton and foster?

  • I have a lot of Liverpool and Arsenal players in my transfer list. They went, down in price… Should I sell now and accept the loss? Or wait til they rise again? I have like 50 players.

  • Should I buy the current TOTW Ifs now or wait till the weekend?

  • I still have some IF pickford sitting. Should I sell them now or should I wait?

  • Should i now sell all my informs like fabian, pickford, de la bella and pacecho and just keep demirbay?

    • All of those informs will continue to rise with time. The question is which will rise the most. In my mind, Demirbay and Duffy are the best looks right now.

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