Future of FUT Chief

It is day 44 of FIFA 19. I have 12 million+ in Transfer Profit and have spent $0 on FIFA points. If I had to guess, only 10% of my coins have come from investments (buying now and selling later) while the other 90% have come from trading methods (buying now and selling now).

Many investment methods that were historically safe have been more risky, and often less profitable, in FIFA 19. EA’s unpredictability when it comes to SBCs is partially to blame, and the sheer amount of investors also bears some of the responsibility; investments work much better when you don’t have to battle multiple other FIFA players who are trying to make the sale and driving down the price.

Am I saying there isn’t money to be made in investing? No. What I’m saying is that there is MUCH MORE money to be made in trading.

So the question becomes, what is the best way to trade? This is information that I will reserve for my Patreons from now on. They can make 50k+/hour using my tools, methods, and tips. As the Top 10 shows, many of them have had great success this year. Some individual testimony also validates the advice that I offer:

  • Pisch – “Getting started with trading and investing on FUT was always something I found daunting. Joining Chief’s community made everything clear and in under a month my transfer profit went from around 200k to 2.3 million and it’s always growing, thanks to Chief’s advice. All the help and support makes this a community I’m proud to be a part of!”
  • Joshi – “This year I started my FIFA 19 with being Patreon, and after just one month of game launch, I have transfer profit touching 2m already, where I have team worth 600k and 1m+ coins ready to trade.”
  • AVFC1986 – “Now that I’m icon sniping I can make 100k a day with minimal time invested. I would say I’ve made almost 0 from investing. Thanks for the help and 4 million+ in TP, Chief.”
  • Vicsi03 – “I was the kind of guy that opened 100$ every 2 weeks! There is something in trading that makes me much happier and now i can say that 70k a day is something easy to do! Thank you Chief for the market knowledge and the interest in us making coins! Cheers from Panama :smiley:.”

Moving forward, public content on the FUT Chief blog will be for investment information. Private content will be for trading information. Sniping filters will be password protected just as articles like “Best Players to Snipe” and “How to Trade Icons” are.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, feel free to ask.





  • Dude I know you are amazing and elite in what you do. But come on you started this so we wont pay money to EA and enjoy the game too with better squads early on. I am not saying share everything just a tip or two about trading as it is what makes profit in this game as you said so please re consider sharing a slice of info with the public

  • Hi Chief,

    I have considered joining your team but I don’t get a lot of time to be live and ready for info on hot buys etc so was just curious if its still worth while if I can potentially only go on at night times to do my buying/selling. Also is it month by month or a 12 months subscription?

    Thank you

  • Hello,
    ikr ur doin great job but dont u think that 10$ is too expensive ? honestly i would support even without those password protected posts but Imo 5$ would be fair enough and u would have a more patreons tho. ofc its only my ”advice” and u’ll do what’s right

  • So you will not be posting investment opportunities or updating sniping filters. Damn you sold out Chief.

    • That is not what I said. The free advice will be related to investments. The paid advice will be related to trading. I will continue to comment on everyone’s questions regarding investing.

  • Well the patreons gotta start posting the password cause Chief sold his soul I ain’t paying him jack to loose money on Barkley or Forsberg

  • Where and how can i subscribe?

  • Fair enough chief.. thanks for the help and strategies this far. I’m set for this fifa already, but hopefully you will still offer advice at reasonable price next fifa when I will look to get in with you at the offset as a patreon. Thanks again!

  • I have to agree with the Shehab. We look to increase our market knowledge in order to not have to spend real money on the game, and with investments being a not-so-viable option this year this blog won’t be of much use to us unless we pay you to become patreons. Not going to spend more money on a video game that’s already overpriced, no matter whose pocket those money go into.

    You can run your blog however you like, and I do appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions about investing, but I think the more sympathetic approach would be to give the public a share in efficient trading tips. Less so than your patreons would get of course, but a share nonetheless.

    • If you have been a long-standing follower of the blog or dig through the archives, you will find nearly everything that I recommend in regards to trading.

  • Hi Chief, i got some questions about the patreon program. for example, when i join the champions tier, which articles do I get access to? And is there a minimum contract period or can i cancel from month to month?

  • Should i sell my Martial now? His price is going down.

  • Hi Chief,
    Ive followed this page for about a week or so and trying to get into trading. Think 20 a month is a good price as id usually spend that a week on points. So probs will do the top tier for a month and try it and see what i think. Can i do it month by month or is it like a subscription?

  • Hi Chief,

    how come Pickford isn’t a top buy anymore?
    He seems to be at the same level – 30k – that he had before, so what changed?

  • Yesterday i found these sniping filters, as of today they are locked. Rip me 😥

  • Hi Chief, i just subscribed the Icon membership via patreon, when can I get the further info?

  • Chief you’re spoiled you are right In monetizing the only good thing you’re good at but imho this loses the whole sense of why you started doing this shit you should spread it freely not making pay for something that started expressly to not make anyone spend a dollar on shit

  • If you become a Patreon do you pay month by month and renew it every month? Can you also cancel it anytime you want? (obviously you would still pay for that month)

  • You need to have the right balance of info for your patreons to warrant paying the fee and the right amount of info for the public to collect more interest. Putting out terrible content for the public isn’t really going to get people to pay your fee, you really need to think your strategy for this page through as you may as well just create a private group.

    Personally after this post I will be unfollowing this page and moving over to youtube as there is lots of investors/ traders willing to help for free

  • What happens on your private discord server?

  • How do you make most your money?

  • The Turkish league MM if it drops
    Muslera a good look? 650?
    Reckon he’d jump to 900?

  • It’s all just for ur benefit anyway. U buy people, then tell ur ‘disciples’ to buy them, then tell us to buy them, then they eventually go up because everyones buying them, then u make profit and money. That’s all it ever was, a win win situation for you. Great work mate

  • Chief,

    I have one last question is it a good strategy to buy good players at Thursdays and sell it on Friday because people will maybe buy the player to use it on the WL. And is it risky to do that with expensive players like 300k because of the 5% tax you need to hope that it will rise with 15/20k to make profit of it.

  • First time comment here, just wanna say my piece cos there’s a lot of people slating the chief on here.
    Not every, but the majority, of the information provided on here has been top notch. Not everything has been massively profitable but a lot of it has helped my account tick over.
    There’s been a couple of risky approaches that haven t worked too well – talisca, martial… But I lost 2.5k overall after tax on those.
    People need to start thinking for their selves – barkely, glik, fellipe, savic, forsberg, prem inform investing… All have worked when sold at the right time!
    Take the information you’ve been given from the chief and learn from it. Don’t follow blind, don’t see the info and go straight in, don’t ask when to sell, use your brains. Sell when there is profit and reinvest next time, don’t hold gold cards til a Thursday as they’ll be packed loads.

    Anyway, wanted to say thanks for the FREE advice, you’ve hugely improved my trading and investing. Made nearly 2 million coins and got about 500k of in form investments on the trade pile (should double in time)

    Rant over guys 😉

  • Do you think your methods can work on PC FIFA (market is smaller)?

  • Quality! lol

    ‘Fut Chief’ says if you have any questions feel free to ask. Shebab makes a point and you reply with ‘I have said plenty’.

    You’re investments are constantly wrong, you’ve probably made most of your coins from selling, as the people on here invest in your top buys. Absolute sham.

    Guys honestly don’t waste your time or money, youtube nick runthefutmarket and get the info for free.

  • Hi, just joined and think discord invite needed? Cheers!

  • I do not agree with you “JustSaying”. I`m not even close to having the amount of coins people are saying they have, but I have made a healthy profit buying and selling futchief recomendations. Started with 50K, now I have about 400K.
    I`m not gready, so I sell in the start of every hype, making 3-4K pr player. So it`s low risk.
    Started with trading because I wanted the IF Hulk. Will buy him after marked correction some time in the next 14 days.

  • i have paid but cant get access, can you email me

  • Hi, Chief! I would like to become a patreon, but i’m brazilian and the USD is to expensive in comparison do BRL. Could you reconsider this value to other contries, please? Thanks and congrats for the page.

  • Chief,

    Don’t like your decision, but I respect it. You have a talent, definitely your choice to profit from it. I have made a ton of coins from your tips (except on Barkley, but I waited too long), and am considering becoming a patreon. Two questions:
    1) will you still be posting anything on this page?
    2) can you tell me the differences between the patreon sub categories and what I can expect from each?

    Thanks, and Godspeed.

    • 1. Yes, I’ll be posting about investments, updating the POTM, putting things on the calendar, etc. The only change is that Sniping Filters can only be accessed with a password now.
      2. I think it’s pretty self explanatory. I will say that being in the private discord has huge advantages, though.

  • Definitely upsetting to hear, Chief. You’ve helped me make over 1 million in profit these last few months, but it will be exciting to see how I do on my own! Thanks for the help and good luck in the future!

    • I will still be posting about investing advice and responding to comments. I just won’t be posting about trading advice. The only real change is that the Sniping Filters are now protected. Nothing else is really changing.

      • Oh well that’s not too bad! Not sure why everyone’s freaking out… I’ve made tons of coins off of your investment suggestions (Barkley, Forsberg, Felipe, and others). All about finding those peak windows to sell! I feel like everyone expects prices to double or even triple, when this is simply not the case. Cheers!

  • chief no messages in my patreon

  • Well I think I can speak for 99% of non paying members.. I won’t be visiting your page from now on if that’s how your going about it.. your totally going against what you set out to do in the first place. Now instead of people feeding EA money they’re feeding you money.. makes no sense but hey there’s plenty of other people out there that give advice (free) so I’ll resort to them… LETS HOPE NOBODY PAYS FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND SETS UP THEIR OWN PAGE GIVING ADVICE FOR FREE…

  • What happens on your non private discord server

  • Hey chief do you have other way of payment? Just because don’t have a credit card so if you have am account where I can send the money it’s easier to me.

  • Chief, can you make a one off payment ?

  • Hey cheif I’ve been following for awhile, I have a club worth about 500k coins, if I were to join the $20 tier, how long would I take for me to get to around 2 million coins.

  • I feel like this is really hypocritical. You started this blog so people wouldn’t have to give EA money in Fifa points to make big coins, however, now you’re keeping information on how to make “90% of your 12mil+ transfer profit” (ie. trading) for those who instead pay you for exclusive info. I believe this is pretty unethical because you just contradicted why you became futchief in the first place. This ain’t it chief

  • Damn, you sold out

  • Lads, in all fairness. 100euro gets you 12,000 points. Which gets you anywhere from 200-400k I’d guess-timate… So 120 -240 per year is a far superior deal.

  • I don’t have credit card, but I have balance in my Paypal.

    I want the icon (20$) member. can I pay using it (you have my email address)