POTM/TOTW Gold Investment – Ross Barkley

Player: Ross Barkley

Reasoning: With 1 goal and 1 assist in a Chelsea win, Barkley has a good chance at being in TOTW 4. This means that his gold card will go out of packs. Often times, this results in a rise in price (check out this article on investing in TOTW gold cards).

In addition to a potential rise due to lack of supply, he also has a good chance at being required for the Hazard POTM on Friday as he plays for the same club. This should make him go up in price as well.

Target BUY: Less than 3,000 coins

Target SELL: Friday, October 12th in the hype before the Hazard POTM release OR Tuesday, October 16th before he returns to packs. If he doesn’t make TOTW 4, then definitely sell in the hype on October 12th.