Hazard POTM Investment: Cesc Fabregas

Player: Cesc Fabregas

Reasoning: As I mentioned in the Kompany investment article, Eden Hazard has a good shot at being the September POTM. Cesc Fabregas is a great investment for this for 3 different reasons.

  1. He is one of the cheapest 84s in the BPL. Only Bernardo Silva, Schmeichel, Leno, and UCL Mata are cheaper than he is at the moment.
  2. He plays for Chelsea. Just as Tottenham players were required for the Lucas POTM, so too could Chelsea players be required for Hazard.
  3. He comes from SpainSpanish players historically rise more than others because there are so many that are the cheapest for their respective ratings (Iniesta, Busquets, Parejo, etc.). If we have a high rating requirement, you can be sure that people will turn to Cesc.

Target BUY: Less than 5.5k.

Target SELL: Sell in the hype a couple hours before the September POTM release on October 12th or gamble and hold in hopes that he is required and goes up. If he isn’t, his price will drop.




  • You still holding your Lalas?

    • He is sitting in my club at the moment.

    • Hello I’ve been looking through the internet and can’t find an article about when players prices are the highest, i have many Meta players in my club like de bruyne, IF Werner and IF Ben yedder,
      Is the best thing to do sell them Thursday/Friday (last days before first weekend league) and then wait about a week to buy my team for about 700k as I want to save as many coins as possible?

      • If you sell your players when the market is high, the players that you buy will also be expensive. If you sell your players when the market is low, the players that you buy will also be cheap. Remember that and refer to this article when deciding when to sell.

  • This isnt related to this but im looking for a long term goalkeeper is OTW Alisson good for 70k likely to get an upgrade and going to stick with a prem all year round

  • Do you think he will hit 10k in the hype?

  • Sold all mine and invested in 10 if cech at 14k and 2 if Matip at 16.250k

  • Hey chief i bought inform werner for 85k from totw 1. If is sell now ill have made 15k on his card, Should i sell him now and use the money to trade or keep him?

  • I bought 5 Lala‘s today do you think Fabregas has more potential to rise?

  • What about emerson, barkley and giroud??

  • any thoughts on the new totw?

  • Hey chief , what do u think for emerson , barkley and giroud???

  • When are you going to sell IF lala?

    • When I see a better opportunity for investment and need the capital.

      • So how high do you think lalas price will get to?

        • He will continue to rise with time. I just don’t think it’s worth waiting that long for him to get to that point. Sell when you are happy with the profit and see a better investing opportunity.

  • When do i sell my Fellainis? When MM is live or before Hazard POTM?

  • Hey chief im sitting on 640k
    16 Kompanys and 12 Fabregases
    should i just invest more into these players or find something else

  • When is kompany expecting to rise? He dropped from 9.6k to 8.2k

  • Hey chief, i picked up 6 if lala’s for 10k, atm he is selling for 13k, shoud i sell him or do think he will raise even more?

    • He will likely raise more, but the question is would your coins be better suited investing elsewhere. It’s all about opportunity cost.

  • What to do with Fred OTW?

    • Sell and invest elsewhere. I’ll be making a post in the next couple days about my favorite TOTW 3 investment.

  • When you mention what prices to buy at and what to sell at, are you referring to Xbox or PlayStation.
    IF they are Xbox prices what PS4 prices should we be looking at for both Kompany and Fabregas to buy?

    • PS4 prices and Xbox prices are usually pretty similar. If there is a big difference, I’ll say. Right now the two only differ by 400 coins on either console.

  • i packed neuer hes currently selling for around 70k ps4, keep or offload and invest?

  • Hey chief, are there any otw worth investing in? Also when would be the right time to buy otw alisson?

    • I don’t know when OTW Alisson will be cheapest and I don’t have any OTW that I recommend investing in.

  • Do you think Zaha will rise back to its peak price of 17K? he is currently at 8.5k

  • what do you think of if fornals as an investment, 84 inform for 13,500

    • He is decent, but I think there are better looks from TOTW 3. I will be posting them later this week.

  • IF Matip and IF Xhaka still good investments?

  • Hey chief,
    1)i have invested in some gold players (like Mignolet, Ramsey, Mustafi) and some more expensive cards (like Xhaka IF, Matip IF and found Firmino and Kroos in packs). I guess for the IFs i should sell in the 12 Oct hype, what do you think i should do with other cards?
    2)Since i want also play the game, should i wait anyway the Halloween crash to buy the “final team”?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  • Do u know of the fixtures for marquee matchups tomorrow or any investments?

  • did you notice Kompany Limit is now 15k !!!!

  • Hi chief,

    Just getting my feet wet with investing. Thanks for all the advice.

    1) Invested in TOTW NIF cards before they were announced got about 10 Mandzukic. Do you think his price will rise? Should I hold in the hopes there’s a juve-man u champs SBC?

    2) Should I sell Fred OTW or hold?

    3) Should I reinvest in IF Cech? I also have a few kompanys.

    Thanks! Looking forward to future posts

    • 1. I wouldn’t expect huge returns. Don’t hold until Juve-Man. Too much opportunity cost lost.
      2. Sell.
      3. Cech is a good look, as are some TOTW 3 players. I already communicated which ones with my patreons and will post them on here later this week.

  • Do you think kompany will grow again in price? His limit is now 15k.

  • Hi Chief,

    I have a team with: Firmino/Eriksen/Son/Martial…
    I see the prices are decreasing now. Last week there was a huge drop thursday or friday evening after the rivals rewards.
    Should I now sell quick these high gold players and rebuy when the prices are at it lowest after the rewards? Or keep till next week and sell before 12/10 with POTM.

    Kind regards!

  • Fabregas limit 10k
    Kompany limit 15k
    Pepe limit limit 10k
    Illaramendi limit 10k
    Bernardo Silva limit 10k
    Matip IF limit 20k

    FCK EA

  • Hi Chief,

    FUT noob here, Trying to get terms with flipping etc

    I have just bought Fabregas for 4800, when would be the best time to sell him do you think?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

  • Hi Chief

    Just getting into investing and flipping, new to all the FUT and FIFA

    I have about 7k Coins and I have just bought Fabregas for 5k, When would be the best time to sell him?

    I’ve noticed a few times you have referred to the ‘hype’ what does this mean, Do players sell for more on a weekend?

    What would you say would be a good time to sell Fabregas on for profit?


    • Sell October 12th in the hype, meaning before the September POTM SBCs release. Players vary in when they are most expensive. Sometimes they are pricier on the weekend, but that’s not always the case.

  • As Sterling has just as good a chance will Fabregas still be a decent investment if Sterling wins? Or does it not particulary matter just because of the hype of it in general

  • Hi chief,

    First of all, thanks for all your great advices! I did follow them and I did make a massive profit , so I decicded to go with PoM as well, however, I have one question;
    When you are stressing “Selling in the hype” before the PoM-SB at 12Oct, when is before?
    Might be a silly question, but when is the SB supposed to be avaliable?


  • I packed OTW mariano and dembele, shall I sell them? My transfer list is completely full of fellaini, bentacur, spinazzola and romero.


  • I am a new trader I have 250k so far still learning, Do you think this is worth it or am I risking coins

  • have a budget of 120k, but only have a 40k team. The team is not so good. Would you continue to trade with the 120k or improve your team?

  • Hi Chief,

    New to the site, but its looking good.
    I have around 20k and I was wondering what you would advise doing with it. Im on PS4, and im going to make some investments for him.
    Would u recommend anything else?/

  • What about keep as an investment for POTM Hazard?

  • Hey chief,
    Its very risky but if Hazard gets potm do you reckon one of the requirements would be trade in a hazard card driving the price of him up massively?
    Otherwise I dont really see how they can make it that expensive which they are bound to for Hazard.

    • Hazard will definitely rise in the hype. We can’t be sure whether he will be required or not.

  • Hey Chief!

    great blog. Im from Germany and now asking myself, why do you think that the investments are rising higher in price BEFORE the SBC is announced and not shortly after announcing?

    sorry for the bad english, hope you understand my point.

    greetings from Cologne

    • Because there are a lot of investors that offload their investments and drive down the price.

  • I packed OTW Anderson. Sell or keep?

  • Hi Chief, i have 130k to invest. Should i spent all in Fabregas???

    Thx, love your site!

  • Hey Chief,

    when are the Bundesliga and EPL POTMs going to be announced, and when will the the SBCs be put into the game?

    Thank you!

  • I just bought 11 for 4k. You think those are good investments?

  • what would you say fabregas, kompany and fellaini rise to?
    just before the hype, and if they’re required?

  • Hello. No longer what I found this page and I see that it is very good. I have 500 k, what do I do with them? I want to make more:d

    My team ;

    Gk: KEPA Lb: masuakuRB: Packer Cb: baillyCb: Ake Lingard, Fred, wijanaldum Mane, zaha , Lucas SBC

    Sorry for my bad english !!


  • I have 500k , what to do ?

    • Invest in players that I post as investment options. Pellegrini is a good look from TOTW 3. I’ll also be posting about another and MM tomorrow.

  • Sterling with 3G 2A, 4 Wins. Seems like a race between those guys. Why are you that focused on hazard as POTM?

  • When to sell hazard NIF?

  • Amazing site, loving the advice. I’ve got very little coins (20k) but just pulled Isco. noticed he’s hovering around 70k. ill never use him but i don’t want to sell too early. would you sell him?

  • hey chief is it smart to buy high rated players not in bpl because in fifa 17 hazard needed a squad with two squads with any league. therefore i bought invests x2 and koke x2
    still got x14 company and x8 fabregas really hope this works. do you think it will?

  • Hi Chief, thanks a lot for you excellent work.

    At the moment I have: 3 Cech IF, 6 Kompany, 3 Cesc Fabregas, 4 Kepa, 7 Fellaini, 10 Mignolet, 8 Remy, 8 Casteels, 8 Begovic.

    I have 40k. Who should I buy for Hazard SBC? (more Cesc Fabregas maybe? Or Pèpè IF?)

    Thanks in advice!

    • Looks like you are pretty covered for Hazard SBC. I’d grab some TOTW 3 players.

      • Alright!

        About Hazard SBC: should I sell all Friday morning or couple of hours before the SBC? Maybe can I keep some cards to sell after SBC release?