Investing for UEFA Marquee Matchups

In case you missed it, today EA released their first batch of “UEFA Marquee Matchups”, the reward for completing being a UCL Three Pack. Players that were required for these SBCs shot up in price (Liverpool players are instantly selling for 9,000 coins as I write this).

The next match day that we can expect these is in three weeks. Here are three fixtures that have a good chance at being on the ticket.

Tuesday, October 23rd: Juventus v. Manchester United


Wednesday, October 24th: Atletico v. Dortmund


Wednesday, October 24th: Inter v. Barcelona


If I had to choose one of these matchups to invest in, it would be Juventus v. Manchester United. Today, EA featured one matchup from Tuesday and one matchup from Wednesday. They could very well follow this pattern for the next match day. As Juve/Man U is by far the best Tuesday fixture, it has a better chance of being picked.

As for who to invest in, pick up the cheapest players from either team, throw them in your club, and forget about them for 3 weeks until the next round of Champions League.

Prices are a bit inflated in the wake of the UEFA MM debut, so don’t overpay; try to get these on a good deal via bid or snipe for less than 500 coins.

Cheapest Juventus players.

Cheapest Manchester United players.




  • do you think i should invest in felliani for 850 coins each?

    • Felliani is a decent look because he has also has a shot at going up for the Hazard POTM next Friday. Good thinking.

  • Chief, I know this is an investment/coin making page, but froma long term team investment, is De Gea worth the 160k buy in at the moment or do you expect I can pick him up cheaper in the future? Thanks in advance!

    • The market will continue to increase until October 12-14. Then it will take a big hit on October 19th for Halloween Scream. Let that guide you.

      • I’m planning on keeping him as he fits my English squad and my Spanish squad. I picked him up at 159k. Thanks for the advice. This site rocks. I’ve never done coin investing and in the week since I’ve had this game I’ve made about 750k without spending a dollar of real money.

  • do you think there is a chance there will be Europa League SBC? and what teams can make it?

  • I can’t seem to store duplicates in my club so I’m forced to leave them on my transfer list, any workaround for this?

  • when you say invest in the cheap players, do you mean players like Mata, Can, Smalling and Szczesny or player more like Spinazzola, Fellaini, Jones and Rojo would apprieciate your advice

  • Chief,I just got MANE,FERNADINHO AND COMAN IN A 35K PACK!!!!

    Im sorry if you get lots of questions but for now
    On PS4:
    Mane 120k
    Fernandinho 35k
    Coman 12k

    Should I keep or sell

  • Is it worth it to invest in Payet?
    He went from 40k to 3k atm…

  • Hey chief, i packed otw sokratis, should i sell him or keep him in case he gets an upgrade?

  • hey cheif so these new tradable blue cards are they ones to watch cards or just informs? should i be selling players like fred promes all them and look towards kompany jeventus man united and cheap if players to invest in?

    • They are not OTW items, so they will not get upgraded. Fred and Promes are still OK to hold considering they will still be out of packs for another week.

  • Would Emerson (Chelsea LB) be a good investment considering hazards (potential) potm?

  • Hey Chief,

    Should I still wait on selling Higuain’s gold card. He’s gone up 8k nearly every day but has stopped rising a lot and is sitting at about 70-75k as I write this. what should I do?

    Thanks 🙂

  • So im going with investing in the juve and man u players i have alot of If cechs IF matip If xhaka (packed) and alot of kompanys but im only getting bentancur basically i have a few man u players should i keep getting bentancur or try harder on the man u players?

    100k currently

    also tips on who to invest would be good
    Thanks chief

  • i’ve got 80k at the moment which players should i invest in?

  • Hi, I invested in keita for about 9200 last Friday. He got up to 10k but now he’s back down to 9k. Do you think he will ride again? And when should I sell by?

    • He will rise again as he is out of packs until next Tuesday. Sell sometime this weekend or early next week.

  • Morning chief,

    i have 4 traore if 2 lala if 3 kompany 1 romero and 4 lindelof and 0 coins left would you be happy with that business or would you not have bought so many different players?

    Your info has been great and much appreciated 👍🏻

  • Chief, just want to say thank you for your work!

    Since the beginning I made 300k profit thanks to you and I feel another 100k is coming in from the zero risk IF card suggested earlier 🙂

  • Hei chief,
    Do you think there wil be also normal marquees on thursday?

  • Hi Chief,
    I invested in Auba a week ago with the hopes of an increase due to weekend league, he is still sitting the same, is it worth holding on to or getting rid?
    Also packed Sane UCL card last night and it’s selling at about 170k currently, do you think there will be an increase?

  • Hi chief,

    Do you think there will be also normal marquee matchups on thursday?


  • Bought 10 Lala for 10k each and sold for 13k thanks futchief

    • Should ideally hold Lala longer than this, at least until out of packs. But profit is profit so good job on that 😊

  • Hi chief. I noticed this morning that pretty much all my gold OTW investments such as Alison, Fred, goretzka etc…. Went down by about 1k-2k from yesterday. Do you think they reached their limit or still room to rise ??

  • Keep the OTW gold cards even though they took a bit of a hit today ??

  • Bought 23 kompany for 9k is that good? I hope i will make a little bit profit im trying its for the first time

  • Made 80k in 2 hours sniping Liverpool players, lol. Thanks Chief!

    • Same. Probably 200k total since the sbc came out. Napoli and Liverpool players. Pretty crazy.

  • I’m going to invest a lot into Man United players do you think I should invest in the other teams too? I got a question why did Liverpool players skyrocket in price but Napoli players didn’t? Do you think that will be the sam e.g. Juventus?

    • I wouldn’t go all in right now for Manchester United. Three weeks is a long time to wait before an investment pans out. Buy a few players, stick them in your club and forget about them.

  • Betting on Juve Man. U and Atletico – Dortmund. EA ussualy takes 1 team from a league and thats the only way they can do that with these 3 matches. Cheers for this information, insane if they sell for 8k instantly in 3 weeks.

  • Yo what do you think I should so with IF Lala? Sell or will it rise?

  • Hey, i bought 2 otw felipe anderson while he was 82 rated as he is getting at 84 rated upgrade. When would you suggest selling to acheive a high profit margin?

  • hey chief,

    Invested in a couple of Eric Baillys the other day for 15-16k but now his UCL card is out his price has dropped to about 14k. Should i sell up and try get as many coins as i can back and take a small loss, or do you think his price will rise again?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi chief,

    Do you know what i have to buy now for normaal marquee matchups tommorow?

  • Do you know which games there are coming in the marquees tommorow?


  • The prince range for kompany is going down?! Should i sell now or not

  • Thanks for your reply. You think his prince range will go up on october12?

  • it has nothing to do with this but when is the golden time to sell normal card otw like fred jorginho cancelo but their gold card

  • I’ve bought over 30 gold Man United players under 1k, how much will do you think they will increase?

  • Got around 75 Rugani’s for 800 coins each. Do you think I should sell when or if it gets hyped up torwards the weekend/next monday, or stay cold and wait until the sbc probably drops?

    Either way it cant go much wrong when I got them for 800 coins, tbh

  • I bought 150 emre can’s for 650 each. they are now 1,1k. you recommend selling them now or actually wait till the MM drops?

    • If he is required he will go up. If he isn’t he will go down. Your gamble.

      • Yeah thing is that his discard is 640 so i wont lose much on it. Think im gonna play it 50/50 sel half of them 1 hour before MM and then gamble on the other half. Thanks for replying!

  • Do you think I should sell in the hype or are you sure it will be in the marquee matchups?