Hazard POTM Investment: Kompany

Player: Vincent Kompany

Reasoning: With yesterday’s performance, Eden Hazard has solidified himself as the Premier League September POTM (see full list of candidates here). The SBCs for this will be released on October 12th.

Being such a quality player, EA will have to make his card expensive. One of the ways they can do this is by requiring high rated players, particularly from the Premier League. Kompany is the cheapest 85 rated player in the BPL by a mile; the next closest player is Alderweirweld, and he is over 10k more expensive.

In addition to his rating and league, Kompany’s nationality also makes him a good look. He is Belgian just like Hazard, which could potentially also be a requirement.

Lastly, there is a very good chance that we could be seeing Icon SBCs in the 12 days between now and the September POTM release. In FIFA 18, the first of these were released on Thursday, October 12th. This would make all high rated players rise, including Kompany.

Target BUY: Less than 8,000 coins.

Target SELL: Sell in the hype a couple hours before the September POTM release on October 12th or gamble and hold in hopes that he is required and goes up. If he isn’t, his price will drop.




  • Considering the fact that budget is 130k, would you rather recommend to invest in kompany or in lala inform?

  • Thanks for all your help, I understand we ask a lot of stupid questions because we are new to this but I really appreciate what you are doing. With that being sad I’m going to ask another lol. I bought a couple of keita baldés and emre cans and talliscas, will these still rise in price ? thanks again

  • What about Sterling?

  • Also, could u please build a 50k team using Lucas Moura potm. While doing the sbc I profited due to packing Gabriel Jesus.

    • Sorry, I don’t build squads for people. Maybe somebody reading this would be so kind and link a squad they created.

    • Use FUTbin and make your own squad, dude! Squad building is one thing which I’d recommend you to do it yourself.

  • Talisca gold will not rise more?

    • He didn’t rise as much as I thought he would, unfortunately. Sell before Wednesday when he goes back into packs.

  • Apart from Kompany, is there any other player that I can possibly invest in for both the POTM and Icon SBC’S?

    • Cesc Fabregas. He plays for Chelsea, is one of the cheapest 84s in the Prem, and is Spanish (Spain players tend to rise more because they are the easiest nation to use for high rated SBCs).

  • How many hours before the POTM do you reckon?

    • EA isn’t consistent with what time they release the POTM. I’d sell by 10AM UK time on that Friday to be sure they are sold before the announcement.

  • Hi chief I am now at the point where im happy with my profit on alavaros inform and will be selling my 14 cards for 15k each giving me around 200k liquid to invest in. I have 22 informs such as xhaka and sommer as potm investments so i was wondering wether i should buy 11 matips, 15 cechs or 7 otw richarlisons (my reason with the richarlisons is that i can pick them up on bid for 28k and sell on before a match for 50k, which would give me around 140k profit) Thoughts?

  • Hi chief,

    Invest in which players in xbox (30 sept) with 80k? Not clear what you recommend for prices to Buy (I.e. Keita, malcom, talisca).

  • Have you invested yourself? 🙂

  • I’ve done all the SBC’s and got no-one. My whole account is POTM Lucas and 57k. I can’t play until Friday so who who should I invest in until then.

  • What do you recommend investing into company?

    • That question is highly situational depending on your budget/time availability for trading methods/desirability for using a quality squad/etc.

  • Hey i have 1 million to invest. (lucky packs) Which of the following would you go hardest in for if you were me? OTW regular golds, cech/xhaka ifs or this?

  • Is there a chance i will lose on this investment? Or can i go full invest on it

  • Hi there chief. I fully trust your info that if I invest in 30 kompanys I will make a big profit. But I was just wondering how will kompanys price just start to rise ?? I mean people who buy him will still look for the cheapest price and sellers cant just list him high priced because no one will buy him? And he has no totw to make his card go out of packs ? So how does it work ?

    • It will go up as people invest in him, anticipating that he will be required for the POTM. Also, it will go up if he is required for other high rated SBCs like icons, if they come.

  • Chief, thank you so much for all your tips. Started following you page last february and i’ve learned so much since.
    This is a suggestion: When you post the new sbc on your page, I would love to see your comment on either your thinking on doing it or not. I know most of the times you dont do them, so if you do, they gotta be worth it.

  • when’s the best time to start investing? right now? or do we have till a certain day to invest?

  • When you say “target buy under 8000 coins”, is that in relation to the Xbox or PlayStation market? Or is it both?

  • hey chief i just packed varane should i sell him for 160k and invest in other players? if so who? or will he go up in price before weekend league?

    • He will go up in price, but not as much as other players will (percentage wise). Kompany is a good look. That’s why I wrote an article about him.

  • What is your target sell price for Kompany chief?

    • If I had a target sell price, I would have put it in the article. It is highly dependent on what happens between now and October 12th in terms of what SBCs we get.

  • I have 10 lala’s, 10 lucas and 10 kompanys at the moment, should I sell all the lala’s and lucas’es and invest everything on kompanys? (Ps4)

    • I think Kompany will be more profitable over these next 12 days than Lala; I don’t know about Lucas.

  • I managed to pack Hazard earlier. Do you think his card would be required for his potm? Or should I sell him and invest in Kompany instead?

    • It’s possible that it could be required. It will rise in the hype accordingly. However, I think Kompany will rise more (percentage wise).

  • I have all my coins invested into lala around 120 k
    U think i should sell them and invest in company instead?

  • Just packed sulejmani if and traore if. Keep or sell and why?

  • How much do you think sterling will rise? If investing under 34k could he rise to 45k? Reasoning is his chance for the totw and potm. Idea is to hype sell him

    • He has the possibility of rising to 45k, yes, especially if he goes out of packs on Wednesday.

  • Hye I packed de gea and he s now at 150k. Should I keep or sell

  • I packed Fernandinho and David Silva in a pack. When should I sell?

  • Any value in buying a few cech and xhaka ifs??
    Or too much of a gamble wether they will be needed for the next SBC ??

    • They may or may not be needed, but if you sell in the hype I think there is a very good chance you’ll make some profit (selling before the POTM release on October 12th).

  • Which day should i sell my OTW Gold Cards?

  • Is Hazard definitely Septembers POTM?

  • Considering EA will have to make the SBC for POTM Hazard expensive, what do you think the chances are that NIF Hazard will be required?

    Or worse IF Hazard! Can’t really see that happening this early in the game, but IF Aguero was required for the POTM Aguero last year so I guess it could happen.

    • Definitely won’t be IF Hazard this early in the game. Not enough supply of those cards. There’s a chance his gold card could be required.

  • Hi, I packed OTW Fred, should I sell or hold? He’s at 73k right now.

    Btw, I still have some Otamendi cards (bought at 13k), same question here 🙂

    • I’d sell Fred and invest elsewhere. Otamendi is worth a hold if you are willing to hang on until October 12th (September POTM release).

  • Already making on these baby’s bought them for 8k and there already 10k. How much do u think they’ll go up to cheif??? Thanks for the filter chief your a fifa hero

    • How high they rise is all dependent on SBC requirements. I think they could rise to 15k in the hype, though.

  • Do you still think we should invest in kompany or not ?

  • Hey, i packed Zieler IF, should i sell and invest in Kompany or hold for Bundesliga POTM?

  • Yo cheif, need a reply here desperately. I’m really bamboozled of what to do here when selling my kompanys. If you were in my boots cheif would u sell him in the hype or gamble and wait to sell him later in the sbc
    Many regards
    Cheer, cheif

  • Chief, first off, thanks a lot!

    Seems like a lot of people follow you, kompany’s going at close to 9k now (which means the hype is already being created). Still go ahead and buy?

  • Will do! Thanks Chief

  • I packed Shearer Prime Icon, should i sell and invest? Or should i hold, do you think he will rise?

  • Hi Chief,

    I’ve invested in a couple of Christensen because of his rating and club.
    Is this a good choice?

  • Hi chief, ☺️ How much do you reckon this kompany will rise by?????
    I say 15-19k

  • Chief,

    What do you think about Davinson Sanchez’ price range?


  • Hi Chef, just a simple question , i have Fred the gold card with rating 82 & in squad battles pack i got Fred the OTW card, the 2 cards are having the same rating exactly & for sure the OTW is almost double the price, what should i do ?

  • I currently have 100k and Kompany is already 9k he still worth the investment of buying 10 of him?

  • Hitz and burki are available for discard price, good one for manolas OTW SBC

  • When schould i sell them?

  • Hey chief, seems you have your work cut out on here. The site seems to be getting massive now, lots of questions in a short space of time! I don’t envy you! Anyway, I thought I’d get your opinion on investing in sigurdsson for tote, do you think it’s a worthwhile investment? Do you even think he’ll get in? ,

    • I think there are better places to invest than there, namely the things I’ve mentioned (Kompany, Cech, Lala)

  • Should I sell Alisson (paid 9k for) and buy more Kompany’s. I already have 7.
    I also have Fred, IF cech, Otemedni. Should I sell all for the Kompany?


  • What do you think about investing in iniesta? He is a way cheaper than the other 87

    • He is a decent look, yes. Hopefully we get icon SBCs that require him in the next couple weeks.

  • Just got Coutinho in a pack, he goes for 92k on PS4. Do you think he will rise or maintain that price?

  • Hi chief.

    I’m still holding on my Talisca, Cech and Matip cards, do you think I should sell all of them and invest in Kompany or just keep them?
    Thank you

    • I always recommend diversifying. Definitely sell Talisca before Wednesday. Cech is a decent hold for the September POTM on October 12th.

  • Ive got firmino lloris goretzka alli asensio and some other high value players should i sell them later or sell them now and invest elswhere if yes in what players exept kompany

  • i bought 14 kompanys for 10k each that is most of my money. is there a great risk with this investment or will i at worst break even?

  • I’ve got 380k and i will buy a team for maybe 200-250k, so then i will have like 130k. Which players do you think i should invest in?

  • I packed If meunier should i sell or keepT

  • Would you also invest in inform Cech as he is 84 rated and Discard Value along side A few Chelsea players such as Kepa and Christensen?

  • Hey was also thinking buy a lot of Fellainis, he will connect to Hazard as well, so his demand will be high and will raise his price from dirt floor to pretty high, thoughts?

    • Yes, Belgian BPL players for less than 1,000 coins are a decent look.

      • Yo chief. Been reading this shit for 7-8 months now and just wan to thank you for all the tips you have given out since then. But to all you dudes that be pressing chief with your same old questions need to chill or pay this man because you can expect him to be this nice for ever. He doesn’t know for sure if your certain player will rise or not. Just invest in what he gives you and quit grilling him or you’ll ruin this banging ass website for all. Thanks chief. Like your membership plan idea. Get that paper boo boo

  • Hello Chief, I know what I am about to ask is a noob question but please, how do I purchase multiple Kompanys? I have the coins I just don’t know how to. Also, I subscribed to your patreon last night I have been following for about 2 weeks. Thanks

  • Hey Chief, do you think the Lucas sbc is worth doing? Also when do i sell fred and malcom?

  • Hey, how likely is it that you will need Hazards NIF? how would they in any other way make the sbc really expensive beacuse i think the price of this sbc will be at atleast 700k or something and then only way too raise the price in the sbc is too use his NIF. I was thinking of getting his POTM but if i can afford should i buy 2 of them and dont do the kompany investing?

    • They could make it expensive by requiring high rated players like Kompany. Or they could make it expensive by requiring BPL informs like Cech and Xhaka.

      • considering theres only 22 NIF hazard on the market last i checked it seems unlikely that we will require him for this sbc but still its hard to get the sbc really expensive when the only IFs we can use is like cech and xhaka beacuse they are so cheap right now, they would have to rise up to atleast 100k each to get this sbc to like 700k atleast

        • They could release Icon SBCs between now and the POTM. This will cause high rated cards to rise. Then, they could require high rated cards for the POTM.

          • who do you think i should both invest in and buy for myself if im gonna do the SBC? bought iniesta because hes cheap and highrated, have bought like 15 kompanys, and a few cech and xhaka. is there anyone i should buy?

  • I have both a Jesus and Reus on Xbox, are any of these worth hanging onto with weekend league coming or am I better selling and investing elsewhere like kompany.


  • Is it still worth buying at 10k? His price is rising and I’m not sure if it’s still worth the investment. Thanks

  • do you reckon a belgium inform will ne necessary if hazard gets it. if so is meunier a good shout. him and hazard only belgium if

  • Hi chief, I have a gold Fred and a gold Alisson if I sell before they come back in pack for maximum value will I be able to buy these cards back for cheaper after a week or so?

    • Maybe not, but there will be other investment opportunities out there. Fred and Alisson still have room to rise since they will be out of packs until next Tuesday.

  • Hi chief
    I have invested in about 3 kompanys 4 lalas and 2 xhakas I have limited funds so is there any other smaller trading methods to make some coin on the side
    Love this page chief your doing bits.

  • Is it confirmed that the POTM for Hazard is going to start on october 12th?

  • Hey Cheif, keep up the amazing work, I’m going buy this investment page like a bible. Just a quick one, I have 85k left, I’ve brought over 30 Kompanys, quite a few discard player of the months ( matip cech and so on) as well as buying fabragas’s and I kept on to 1 OTW of dembelle and Richardson just in case but is there anyone else I should target, again keep up the great work.

  • Hi, Chief. Do you recommend investing in Mignolet and Origi for Hazard SBC POTM?

    • Definitely not right now as their prices are jacked up because of the new SBCs. Maybe try buying them tomorrow after the UEFA MM finish.

  • No because Otamendi en Ozil are way cheaper 86. Its not about the players, its about the rating and their prices.

  • you think former club lille players will be needed. for example 78 rated remy?

  • how about investing former clup lille player investment?

  • shall i hold pique 87 rated for future icon sbc or shall i sell him?

  • Is investing in 83-85 rated players below 5k a good idea for the future icon sbc’s ??
    players like:

    sergi roberto
    javi martinez

  • Prices were high yesterday and now they dropped. Are you sure prices will rise a lot in order for me to make good profit?

  • Help chief! EA just capped Kompany prices at 15k (PS4). I was shocked to see all my listings revised down. What should we do here?

    • Some of my previous listings sold at 20k, I suspect EA flagged my account and capped Kompany’s price. I guess it’s not advisable to mass list them before POTM.

    • Sell in the hype on October 12th.

    • They capped allot of prices to 10k also players like pepe illaramendi fabregas high rated players to 10k

      fck EA

  • Should I keep buying kompanys even though ea capped his price to 15k?

    • If you already have some invested, I’d look elsewhere. TOTW 3 investment posts will be coming later. My patreons already know about them.

  • Well im pretty much fucked, I’ve bought 40 kompany’s for 8k-9k. Should I sell or just stick it out and hope theyll go up?

  • Well I’m pretty fked, I’ve bought 40 kompany’s and hes dropping atm. Should I sell or just stick it out and hope for profit or not?

  • is if matip a good investment

  • Hi chief, I have invested 500k in totw cechs for potential hazard potm. All bought for about 15k. Is this a solid investment? Hoping to sell them Friday morning.

    • It’s a decent investment, but I would hesitate from putting all your eggs in one basket from now on.

  • Hi Chief,
    Currently selling them at 12.5k – thanks mate!

  • Picking Kompany up at 11k still a safe option?

  • His current at 13k, should I still invest in him ? His price range go to 15k???

  • Sup Chief, thank you for the advice on the kompany’s. I was wondering when I should sell my squad. The players in my squad consist of: douglas costa, gabriel jesus, casemiro, isco, kondogbia, filipe luis, godin, if hernandez, carvajal and oblak. I appreciate all the help, thanks in advance!

  • Hello Fut Chief, do you think the POTM Hazard SBC will cost more than 300k or less?

  • Hey chief I was wondering if would be able to do the sbc or not because I bought some Chelsea players some Pl ifs and I have kompanys silvas otw Keita, lacazzete, verthongen and some Belgian players plus 150k on account. Would I be able to do the sbc with that? Or shall I sell all on 12 of October? Thanks for your time

  • Kompany now is on 12k

    Do you agree to buy it at this price?

  • Hazard has been confirmed , he is on EA servers already a 93 card