Q & A Tuesday – Week 46

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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  • https://www.futbin.com/18/squad/5535404

    Any possible upgrades for 100k or should I just begin to make a second team?

  • Can EA lower the minimum price on the Tots cards?
    The minimum is now around 20,000 but the matket is crashing

  • Why is the market crashing and how much cheaper will players become? I thought I got a bargain when I bought 92 Valencia for 285k and a day later he is 240k. The same thing with TOTS Firmino.

    Should I sell and rebuy in a few days or will they jump back up when the promo ends on the 14th August?

    • Crashing because EA just rereleased every card ever on FIFA therefore the supply is increasing and there is the demand has not increased as well. I think they will continue crashing until the end of the game so just have fun with your coins and buy who you want.

  • Hello Chief, i will preorder fifa 19 so i will have a head start of 3 days. What are your suggestions for the first weeks? I was planning to not buy any player and sell everything i pack for the first month.
    Will you make a guide for fifa 19 early investments?

    • I will get into that once September rolls around. I don’t want to be repeating myself 1592835 times over the next few weeks.

  • Tots Kane or 94 aguero