Q & A Tuesday – Week 41

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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  • Chief, what’s going on with the market? I have been slowly completing Gullit over the last week and a bit, midway through both Zanetti and Litamen as the cheapest Icons to complete to then do Gullit; but it has suddenly got really really expensive compared to what it was !

    Will the Icon prices drop again / what has caused this?

  • just seen the 86 rated SBC… should I be selling all my 87,86,85,84 before it expires?

    • Yes, that would be a good idea. Many of the cheapest players for their respective ratings have risen substantially.

  • This site is horrible the “chief” never responds.

    • I am traveling around Europe at the moment John. Excuse me if I don’t respond right away – I don’t have nearly as much available time as I normally do.

  • Will there be another sbc soon? I have a cheeky 20k left to invest 😉

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a guaranteed SBC tied to the World Cup Team of the Match Days. Just hard to say when it will be or what it will require.

  • I need a right wing that I will play cam in game for my team. Any league/nationality and budget is 100k.

  • hi Chief et al,

    Just packed 91 Lingard while doing an SBC…

    Do you think he will rise when out of packs, or keep falling and I should sell ASAP? he is at 239k at the moment

    • I think he will continue to decrease in price as he is packed over the next couple days. I’d sell and take your coins.

  • hi Chief, i have 2 questions for you:

    i have currently 215k coins, i target TOTY Kane 96 and FOF Moses 89.

    im about to earn about 140k coins in the next 4 days by playing and selling players, should i keep saving to buy Kane or buy FOF Moses as soon as possible ?

    FOF Moses costs about 290k now. Will his price drops even when he is out of packs ? TOTY Kane costs roughly 500k

    I play Fifa 18 on PC

    thanks alot, would really appreciate your answer

    • It depends on what you are looking for in a player – Moses can play most any position while Kane is strictly an attacker.

      I could give you a better answer if you link your squad via FUTBIN.

  • Hi Chief,
    So I have lots of players in my club that I don’t use. Should I start selling them or quick sell them? Do you think their price will go up?

    • You can double check if they have any value for some of the non-expirable SBCs, but likely 95% of them don’t. Personally, I would just quick sell – trying to list all of them would become quite tedious, especially if you have 500+.

  • hi Chief,

    I have a question for you:

    i currently bought Eden Hazard 97 FoF for 1 million coins, i play Fifa on PC and he is extremely rare in the transfer market, always get bought minutes after being listed.

    Now he just get a MoM award against Japan although not really impressed on the pitch (i watched the game). I really like Hazard, should i sell the 97 version of him now to fund for the (probably) 98 rated one or wait till Team of the Matchday 4 releases ( im not sure if there will be a new card 98 rated of him) ?

    if i wait, the profit by selling my current 97 Hazard will be significantly lower than what i paid for him. If i sell him now i wont be able to buy him back when he is not in Team of the Matchday 4 because he is extremely rare. Even if he was included in Team of the Matchday 4, there will probably no 98 rated card of him get listed in the transfer market like FoF Son 94 on pc.

    thanks alot for your help!!!

    • Even if he does get a 98 rated card, the small statistical upgrades probably won’t be worth the extra coins. If you like using him, I would just hold.

      • I need coins
        Please help me i only have 20k to work with

        • That’s not a whole lot to work with. Your best bet is to try and win special cards on bid for 10%+ of what they go for – then flip them quick for profit.

          • can you give me some coins by buying a player from me

            • Sorry, that’s not really what this website is about. Besides, that would require us to be on the same console.

  • should i invest in marquinhos ptg? if not who for under 35k

    • Not a whole lot of options to invest in at this point other than PTG players. Marquinhos hasn’t gotten much playing time for Brazil, though. If they get knocked out, his price will crash. I wouldn’t risk it personally. You are probably better off trying to win players on bid/snipe to make some quick coins.