Investing In Discard TOTS Players

TOTS Rating Discard Value
75 18,000
76 18,240
77 18,480
78 18,720
79 18,960
80 19,200
81 19,440
82 19,680
83 19,920
84 20,160
85 20,400
86 20,640
87 20,880
88 21,120
89 21,360
90 21,600
91 21,840
92 22,080
93 22,320

Shown above is a list of the discard prices for TOTS players. As a result of the monumental amount of pack openings due to the World Cup mode release, many TOTS players have approached these prices.

Cheapest Xbox TOTS players.

Cheapest PS4 TOTS players.

Cheapest PC TOTS players.

Adding to the madness, monthly Weekend League rewards will also be released at 7PM UK time today. EA has leaked in the code the rewards for those will be as follows:

Even though these will be untradeable, I still think it will cause TOTS prices to plummet even further.

Why invest?

  • There is ZERO risk if you can pick up these cards at their discard values
  • On Friday, EA will drop the Ultimate TOTS (see here for the FIFA 17 Ultimate TOTS). I expect there to be more rounds of SBCs for this just as there have been for Premier League TOTS (among others – see here for full list of TOTS SBCs).
  • The challenge requirements will likely be stiffer since the Ultimate TOTS is more stacked than any other TOTS release. It could, potentially, require multiple TOTS cards rather than just 1.




  • When to sell? After the announcement of sbc or before?

    • I doubt they will rise before the SBC announcement, so likely after.

      • They are already 30k+, do you still see them rising more after abc release?

        • It’s not guaranteed that there will be an SBC. If there isn’t, many of those players will go back down to discard. At this point, it’s up to you whether you sell before or after. But if history tells us anything, selling in the hype would be the right choice.

  • Wooow!! Bought several Lecomte and Zoet for discard prices and already sold them for 32k!
    Thanks for the tips and profit!

  • They are up in 39k. Should I sell some now or you think it will go up?

    • It’s honestly your call. Just be aware there will likely be another Ultimate TOTS SBC on Tuesday.