TOTW 28 Investment: Wright-Phillips

Player: Bradley Wright-Phillips

Target Price: 11,000 coins

Reasoning: As I mentioned in my TOTGS investment article, Team of the Knockout Stage (TOTKS) is likely to drop on April 13th. Along with upgraded cards, EA will also be putting out new SBCs for the event. Last year, we saw challenges that earned you a TOTKS player if completed.

As you might guess, these requirements caused 81 rated informs like Wright-Phillips to shoot up in price.

Target Sell: 25,000 coins or Monday, April 16th, whichever comes first

NOTE: This investment doesn’t strictly apply to Bradley Wright-Phillips. Any inform 81+ rated inform you can get for 11,000 coins is a great buy. Try filtering special – max bid 11,000 coins and see if you can get some deals.




  • Done. Got 64 wrights and kamara informs =) Do you believe they will rise to 20k+?

  • One more question. Chief, you said that the event probably will drop on 13th April, then you said that target sell is 25k or Monday 16th April. Does it mean we should sell after the announcement…? Did I understand properly?

    • Based on the graphs from last year, player prices for 81 rated informs maxed out around the Monday following the TOTKS release. I’m thinking this is because the supply was depleted after the SBCs were available for a few days. So yes, wait to see what the prices are around Monday and sell then – UNLESS prices rise to 25,000 coins beforehand, then just take your money and run.

  • I’m a bit confused. You always say sell in the hype. What if the requirements will not be ‘right’? Will we lose coins?

    • Yes, if the requirements aren’t right then you are better off selling on Friday, April 13th in the hype. So you could sell then as well if you want to play it safe.

      Technically you can’t lose coins since he is a discard investment.

      • Thanks, sounds nice. Hmmm… I think I will play safe if it rise to 20k, if not, then I will sell half in the hype and gamble with another half 🙂

  • Hi Chief, my first time on your site…very informative. A bit off topic for this thread, but do you think there will be an event where we can make good coins from bronze players? We had one recently with the national MM and I was able to make good coins from bronze players. I have around 400 bronzes that I’ve picked up over time and wonder what the best method is; to keep in hope of an event to boost value…to sell for what I can get and use money to invest elsewhere…to use on upgrade sbcs? Appreciate any advice you may have

    • Let’s take one of your bronze players as an example, player ‘x’. Say player ‘x’ is required for a MM or some SBC in 2 months. He sells for 500 coins, and you take your profit.

      Rather than holding your player ‘x’ for that MM in 2 months, another option could be to sell him now for 200 coins. Using these funds, you invest in Marquee Matchup Predictions weekly over the course of the next 2 months (the time frame you would have been holding player ‘x’ initially). Your 200 coins turns into 300 coins after week 1, the 300 coins turns into 400 coins after week 2, and so on, quickly eclipsing the 500 coins mark that would have taken you 2 months to achieve in the first scenario.

      The big takeaway here is that it is often more profitable to do multiple short term investments rather than one longer term investment. I’d sell your bronze players and use the coins for short term investing and trading.