• Tots is missing.

    • The full TOTS calendar is listed on the Market Basics page. Last year, Community TOTS wasn’t released until May 12th. I don’t expect we will see TOTS until May, even with the moved up schedule for the World Cup.

  • I sold most of my player to liquidate and now have around a million coins, when do you think will be the best time to buy my team back, TOTKS or TOTS?

    • We will have to wait and see how big of a hit the market takes for TOTKS in 10 days. I’ll have more information then on whether to buy your team or wait until the TOTS release. Just ask me again when that time comes.

  • Chief – got enough to buy CR7 and Bale right now if I wanted to… but am very aware that a market dip is coming with TOTS announcements etc.
    Shall I buy now to play with them or do you have an idea of how long I should wait before taking advantage of the dip? been grinding hard to get to this point. CR7 at 1,165,000 right now for example – you think he can go lower?

  • I have Aguero a Bale in my team. Should i sold them now to prevent a market crash, ou theis pleys will not be affected?

    • Are we talking base Aguero and Bale? If they are in packs for the TOTKS event next week Friday, April 13th, their price will take a hit.

  • Yes. Normal gold cards!
    Sell now?

    • I don’t see them dropping substantially until next Friday. I would try listing them overnight everyday and see if you can get someone to buy them for a slightly higher price than their cheapest BIN. Definitely sell before the 13th, though.

  • How much do you expect TOTGS cards to rise?

    • I think they will settle around 25-30k in the hype before the event next week Friday, April 13th. After the announcement, it all depends on whether EA requires TOTGS cards for the SBCs. If they do, they have the potential to rise to 35k+. It is your call whether to sell in the hype before the announcement or gamble in hopes TOTGS cards are required after the SBC release.