• How much will Walker cost? 300, 400, 500k or more? His speed is unique as cb

    • He will be expensive AF. All of the big YouTubers and Pros are going to want to get their hands on him right away.

  • I have about 200k, and one i love to trade almost as playing the game.
    I have a good squad, and now to go to the next level, i need more coins.
    My trading methods no longer works (the buy now is very near the price of the bid) , and i’ve looked to your snipping filters. In many of them the results are too many players ( like CD / engladn / Gold / 450 max). Is it safe to buy all of them and then sell?
    At this price, what price do you recommend to sell? 600 / 650 ?

    Thanks for you patiente and time to explain how this works for us.

    • You’ll often see cheapest BIN for gold players from England/France/Brazil to fluctuate in price 100-200 coins i.e. one day the minimum BIN for Brazil golds will be 450 while the next will be 600. You could try to mass buy when they are down in price closer to 400-450 coins and then mass list for 550-600 coins. You will have to be very patient in selling, though – they aren’t going to be flying off of your transfer list.

      That being said, the most profitable coins per hour method is still bidding on silvers from the big league SBCs (Calcio A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1). If you are curious about more details, let me know and I’ll explain more.

      • Already bought 4, and sold 1 for 600… just like you said.
        I’m curious to learn all you can explain to me.. Please.. 🙂

        • Did you buy 4 of the England/France/Brazil golds or the silvers?

          A little more on the silver method…you are bidding on these cards. I like to set a max bid of 300 coins, search, and start comparing prices on player in their last minute on the market.

          For example say player ‘x’ has an outstanding bid of 200 coins with 1 minute left. I compare price and notice that the minimum BIN for player ‘x’ on the market is 800 coins – there’s some nice coin to be made here if I win this bid. I put a bid down of 250 coins and win it. Then, I’ll make my player ‘x’ the cheapest BIN on the market by listing for 700 coins for 1 hour. Usually, you’ll see these players get bought within 2 selling cycles.

          Win as many bids as possible and fill up your transfer list to maximize profit.

  • Layun as viable as previous 82s for discard if trading? Mere and De Tomas were awesome last week

  • Is the walker OTW RB a good buy?

    • It’s risky. He is the 2nd best RB in the BPL behind Valencia. I think his price is right where it should be.

  • Who’s are the best to invest in from this totw?

  • Just got walker CB for 355000, you think its gonna rise to a good profit from here?

    • You were a bit early to buy I think. Usually TOTW cards decrease in price as more packs are opened and supply increases. Saturdays and Sundays are usually better days to buy.

  • So when do you think would be the best time to liquid it taking TOTS into the mind.

    • Well did you buy it to use or as an investment? If you want to use it then play some games with and see how you like it. If you bought it as an investment, sorry to say but the sooner you sell the better. Weekend League rewards in a couple hours will create a big supply hitting the market and it’s possible EA will have some pack promotions tomorrow that will drive down his price even further.

  • Well, it was an investment, not a good one maybe. 🙁

  • Chief I am just curious do you think EA will release an MOTM or IF card for Isco’s performance in the Spain 6-1 against Argentina considering he scored a hat trick?

    • Probably not. If they would have I think EA would have released a MOTM card last Friday for that performance.