Q & A Tuesday – Week 28

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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  • subacc1@gmail.com

    I’ve just started trading a few weeks ago to save up for CR7 and combined with pack luck am now at 720k and now no idea what to do with it – I want to start making money quicker so I can buy CR7 before I get bored of the gameplay so do you have any tips on what to do with this sort of budget? Discard IF trading method helped me get here too

    • There are two ways you can make coins through the market – investing and trading. Investing is long term, while trading is short term. To make money quickest, you should be doing a mix of both of these.

      With 720k, I’d recommend investing in TOTGS players and TOTW 27 players. These players are long term holds as you will be selling them in a couple weeks.

      Conversely, when trading players you sell them immediately for quick profit. I recommend using the Sniping Filters page to guide you. I find bidding on silvers from Calcio A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 to be most successful – since they have league SBCs, so those players are higher demand. You should aim to make between 10 and 20k per hour with this trading method.

  • Hi Chief, do you find there is a best time of day to buy and sell?

    • Time of day? Not really. Each player varies in price throughout the day and needs to be looked at on a case by case basis.

      I made this post a while back about weekly buy/sell times. It’s definitely not always the case that players are cheapest/most expensive at those times, but it’s a good general guide to follow.

      Essentially, whenever a lot cards hit the market all at once (lightning rounds, WL rewards, SB rewards, panic selling), those present good opportunities to buy – players are more likely to fall through the cracks, allowing you to grab them for a good deal via bid or bin.

  • It is really hard to snipe de tomas or mere ifs for 11k or less right now… (already have about 27 of them) Now I have about 400k more to invest (got money from mm investments etc) what is the best look right now? (Totgs players also inflated and it is impossible to snipe them in good price)

    • I think TOTGS will continue to rise. If you don’t have any I’d recommend getting at least some, otherwise you could be kicking yourself in 2 weeks when you could have got them for 20k and they are going for 25-30k.

      • Ok, bought.

        Will there be oportunity to invest in if from tommorows totw? (Discard like de tomas and mere 🙂 )

  • Hi mate, I have now 1,7 M, If you were me, where will put this coins to make a huge amount before the TOTGS (In this period I thinked do some Icon SBC (I think in this event I can do it at lowest price) and buy some strong team).

    • TOTGS cards are greater risk but could be greater reward if EA release the right SBCs.

      82 rated informs from TOTW 27 have less risk and will certainly go up when they go out of packs.

      A third option would be to start mass buying the cheapest players from PSV and Ajax in anticipation of their Marquee Matchup for Week 30 and then selling in the hype a few hours before the announcement (similar to Basel v. Young Boys from this week)

      I don’t know which of these will be most profitable, but they all will yield you coins in one form or another. You should also save some coins for potential investments in TOTW 28 and other buys that might pop up along the way between now and TOTGS.

      • Thanks mate for the early reply, I will put in other time in the new TOTW, I’ll buy some TOTGS( It’s posible take some at the right price?) And of course, full coins to MM!

  • Hi futchief couple of discussion points

    do you think with the market crash for TOTS incoming, that PTG cards will crash along with them or hold their value? Got PTG Willian and PTG Firmino in my playing team at the 220 – 240 mark over the last few days and undecided on whether to get liquid on them. Also OTW Tolisso is looking like he is only going to get worse (77k, bought at 120k a month or so ago).

    I’m asking this because I am looking to buy CR7 for the first time soon (been saving up for him) and will then get rid of these players anyway, so wondering when the best time to do it is before they crash hard! Regarding buying CR7 (NIF) when will be the best time to buy him? is he going to drop much lower than 1.2mil in the next few weeks with anticipation for TOTS?

    Even though I am very liquid atm i’m planning on possibly investing all of my 700k in usable MOTM cards this week. Usable cards last week took a big rise from their lowest point last Friday (Yedder 102k, Werner 152k) to a high point on Monday (Yedder 138k, Werner 202k) , so i’m thinking they might have the same trend this weekend when they go out of packs, what do you think @futchief?

    • Even without TOTS incoming, PTG/OTW cards will always lose value if they don’t perform well. TOTS will make there decline even more drastic if they don’t have a breakout week. I don’t believe it will be some overnight crash like we see during Black Friday sometimes, but I do see them consistently losing value over the next month (again, so long as they don’t have a good match and earn TOTW honors).

      Personally, I would look to buy CR7 during TOTKS in a couple weeks – I’m predicting it will fall on April 13th. The pack promotions will cause a flood of cards to hit the market, and I expect him to drop in price as a result (so long as the base card is in packs and not some other special form of Ronaldo).

      There are quite a few usable MOTM cards that went up in value one week after they went out of packs (Batshuayi, Immobile, Willian, etc.). It all depends on getting the right player for the right price. For this week, I think Kante is the most usable of the 5 MOTM cards (Eriksen is a bit slow, otherwise I’d say him as well). The only problem is the ROI for expensive players like Kante tends to not be as good as cheaper players like Yedder/Werner.

      • Thanks for your advice Chief – really helpful. Will look to get rid of PTG Willian and possibly PTG Firmino in the next week then… with a view to buying PTG Firmino back when get CR7 in the drop.

        Shame I missed out on Yedder and Werner then since I only have 700k so could only get two Kante’s and not get any other investments in for that weekend. May take a risk on Eriksen too but a LM for his pace… you’re right he’s not really usable. I’ll have a look at Kante price Friday and make a decision.

        I’m fully liquid atm and struggling to decide where to invest just now

  • are icons gonna rise back to 400K when the base icon sbc ends tomorrow or will they constantly be this low and fall even more in price? in other words should we get 1-2 for 340K?

    • I don’t think so. The reason those icons are so expensive in the first place is because of Icon SBC demand. However, I don’t think many people are completing those Prime Icon SBCs anymore. I expect them to stay at the same price and likely drop as we approach TOTS.

  • Mere inform inflated to 14,5k, do you predict him to rise more? De tomas is at 13,5 now, what about him?

    • There’s no harm in selling for a bit above the minimum BIN. I’d list for 15-16k constantly and see if you can get a buyer. A 50% turnaround in a few days is a great return on a player that is that expensive.

  • PTG SELECTED was announced. Anyway we can profit from that with some clever investing?

    • Not at the moment – there’s too much uncertainty with how those cards will play out for any real profit right now. It would be extremely long term investing anyway, and I’m not really interested in that.