• Do you think these are worth doing?
    The players are quite good and will be expensive as.

    • Personally, I never do SBCs. In my opinion they are a coin sink and are rarely profitable.

  • Hey futchief, I got icardi 88 Giuliano 86 and Pastore 85 u would sell them now or wait for price rise or next totw?

    • Sell now. There’s more money to be made in investments elsewhere, and they will keep going down in price as people continue to complete SBCs. See my most recent articles for ideas.

      • What about lecomte and carvalho, will they drop in price in some days?

        • Not sure why you would think they will drop in price. I’ve sold all of mine. There is money to be made elsewhere.

          • Just thought you sold it because of that they they rised to the maximum point. Nevermind then =D. Where is the opportunity to invest now? (I spend all the money on martial, savic and goretzka – asking just because of curiosity)

  • Should i buy PTG Jesus?

    • I’d give it a few days. He will still be packed tons as long as this PTG promotion SBC is going on.

  • How do you feel about icardi? Seems cheap atm, for 88 rated card.

    • I think he will rise for the FUT Birthday event. I still think the returns will be better for 86 IF Vazquez, though.